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    Broadband Services in Ireland

    Best Broadband Deals in Ireland

    We are proud to offer some of the Best Broadband Deals in Ireland. Right now we are offering some the best Broadband deals in Ireland. eBroadband are right at the heart of the National Broadband  Ireland rollout to improve access to high speed Broadband across the island of Ireland. With this new initiative we will be able to provide broadband access to homes and businesses that were previously outside the Network infrastructure. If you are wondering if you can now achieve Fibre Broadband in your location – take our Broadband test today. Our friendly team are experienced in giving you the optimum service available in your area.

    National Broadband Ireland

    NBI is rolling out the largest infrastructural project in rural Ireland since rural electrification, stretching across 96% of Ireland’s land mass. It will bring high-speed broadband to 23% of Ireland’s population (including 69% of the country’s farms) over a seven-year period. NBI will be responsible for the management and maintenance of the NBI™ network for the next 25 years.

    It is anticipated that the NBI™ network will require approximately 146,000km of fibre cable, 15,000km of underground duct networks and over 1.5 million poles. Where possible, overhead lines and existing poles will be used to carry the fibre cables.

    The network build is divided up into 227 Deployment Areas. Each of these Deployment Areas is centred around a regional or local exchange. These exchanges house all of our technology, and provide high-speed connectivity to data centre locations.


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